The globally accepted Rational Unified Process is followed.
Skilled force ensures a product with international standard
Focus on successful and robust executable application.
In depth analysis to understand the actual requirement and business constraint
Stress for generating new ideas during analysis which will enhance your business.
Quality is a way of our life, not an afterthought.
Catch the major risks early and continuously and search for their remedy or alternate solution
A future vision before developing an application assists in extensibility of application, less and easy maintenance
Be in touch with you during whole life cycle of project. This makes the things transparent that we are doing work on common tasks or requirements.
Standard design patterns (object oriented) are adopted to make the reusability of the things.
Work with some of the most successful and expertise individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations and bring solutions to their most challenging and complex issues of the day.
Formed by a team of young and enterprising IT professionals, K-VAN aims at blending knowledge and skills to provide results that match your requirements
At K-VAN, we believe in listening, analyzing, advising, and implementing new projects and concepts to effectively present complex information.
  Mission and Value Why K-VAN? Guidelines
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