Advanced English Communication Skills Lab:
advanced level students need to prepare themselves for their careers which may require them to listen to, read, speak and write in English both for their professional and interpersonal communication in the globalised context.  

K-VAN developed the Advanced English Communication Skills Lab, to improve the students’ fluency in English, through a well-developed vocabulary and enable them to listen to English spoken at normal conversational speed by educated English speakers and respond appropriately in different socio-cultural and professional contexts.

This lab course is to enable students to use ‘good’ English and perform following:

· Gather ideas and information, to organise ideas relevantly and coherently.
· Engage in debates.
· Participate in group discussions.
· Face interviews.
· Write project/research reports/technical reports.
· Make oral presentations.
· Write formal letters.
· Transfer information from non-verbal to verbal texts and vice versa.
· To take part in social and professional communication.

  Highlights of Adavnced English Communication SKills Lab  

Advanced English Communication Skills Lab has Two Modules-
Student Module and Teacher Module/Console .

Student Module Facilitates :
  •  Functional English    
  •  Vocabulary building      
  •  Group Discussion      
  •  Interview Skills      
  •  Resume Writing      
  •  Reading Comprehension      
  •  Technical Report Writing      

Teacher Console Facilitates:
•  External Links

•  Student Information
•  Voice Chat

•  Student Lock/ Unlock
•  Text Chat

•  Student Logoff/ Restart/ Shutdown
•  Video Chat

•  Student Scanner
•  Voice Conference

•  Student Keyboard/ Mouse Controls
•  Recording the Conversation

•  View Student Desktop
•  Broadcast

•  Student Desktop Control
•  Instant Messaging

•  Send Teacher Desktop
•  Task Manager

•  Control Panel

Advanced English Communication Skills Lab is:

•  Cost Effective

•  Easy to Install

•  User Friendly Interface

•  User Friendly Operation
Advanced English Communication Skills Lab
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