Campus to Corporate Program

It is an evidential fact that the boom of Information Technology in India has led to a huge requirement of human resource. A predominant approach adopted by several corporate unto this front is to recruit candidates from engineering colleges/universities and other related educational institutions directly.

This approach of course has its own down-side. Most often such graduates fresh out of the colleges are not readily consumable. They need to be trained and molded to meet the company's technical and inter-personal skill-set requirements.

We appeal educational institutes to consider the possibilities of embracing the next IT wave to enable their students securing a good future to succeed in the campus interviews. It also gives the institutions an edge over other institutions. A simple query at this junction is, why should the colleges/universities not offer up-to-date technologies (which students seek at private computer training organizations), when they have (or can procure) all required infrastructure. This is where we think we fit in accurately.

Advantages of this Program:

Students get trained on emerging technologies. Hence preparing the student for current IT job market.
Project guidance at college premises.
Ensures students complete the project-work self.
Time-efficient. No need to travel out-station.
Cost-efficient. Costs roughly ¼th the regular project expenditure.
Exposure to college staff about these latest technologies.
Recognition to college/institution for providing the latest in IT to students.

Program Includes

A minimum of 100 hours Interview Oriented Training Program

Academic Projects Guidance Program by our experienced developers. Our developers will encourage the students to develop entire project themselves. Code will not given by us.
Groups Discussions and Seminars
A minimum of 25 Hours Training Program on Campus Interview orientation like Language barriers, GD, Presenting Techniques using Murphy Law, Power of Speech, Perception and Time Limits
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