College Information System software

provides a single secure database structure that organizes stores and retrieves real-time information. It is very intuitive and uses industry-standard Microsoft Windows® interface, that doesn't require a burdensome amount of staff training.

With College Information System , student functions such as admission, attendance, grading, discipline and family information efficiently managed. Data is entered only once and instantly available in customisable reports. Imagine the possibilities, Data of any student is search by his unique ID Number.

In addition to a personalized password generation for each teacher, timetable generation, today's class and upcoming assignments, here are a few examples of the powerful functionality at your fingertips.

Educators can effortlessly view all accessible Student Records including parental information, emergency contacts, disciplinary records and more! Student photograph can be updated every year.

A single click makes a student absent or present. It generates reports of every student's attendance review at any time.

Mark-sheet are generated Electronically with comparison of marks of each exam. Even graphical representation is also generated.

Any data in the systems can be analysed, graphed and reported in the format of you choice. Administrators can effortlessly generate any type of report from their testimonials desktop using College Information System .

Records of every examination conducted for each standard is maintained which makes referring past data very easy.
Fee vouchers are generated & fee collection program can be customized according to college's rules.
Reports to compare an individual class performance with other class.
Extremely secure, login authenticated system.
Manage College events in event manager.
Class wise outstanding fee reports.
Maintain each student's photo album.
Accelerate and expand communications with email reports.
Online analysis of performance with a wide choice of graphs.
Integrates key functions of finance, payroll and fee collection.
Single student database for college administration, library and fee collection.
Single employee database for college administration, library and payroll.
Built on 100% pure Microsoft Technology.
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